A: For commercial work, you will need to buy a commercial license for each image you would like to use for commercial purposes. The cost of a license varies depending on the size of the image. I often agree a fee with commercial clients for their chosen number of images.

For events, commercial licenses are included for all the photos.

A: I don’t limit the number of photos I take on a commercial or event shoot. Typically i shoot 80-100 images per hour for an event.

A: Light retouching is included as standard . 
Following a shoot I will upload copies of the images to an online gallery if a client wishes.

A:I guarantee a fast turnaround of well-edited, color-corrected and processed images via digital delivery. 

I normally deliver files using Dropbox. If you have your own FTPserver, I am happy to upload to that if you provide me with the login details.

If you prefer physical over virtual, I am happy to send you the photos on a USB stick for a fee.

A. No two assignments are the same. All quotes are carefully tailored to your precise requirements, making sure you only pay for what you need.

A: Once you’ve received your final photos and you’re happy with them, I will send you through an invoice. (or before if desired) The best way to pay is direct bank transfer, check orcredit card ( I accept everything but Discover)


A: I will come to your office and set up a portable studio in a meeting room or somewhere else where there is space. I would then suggest 10 or 15 minute slots for each person, so there is enough time to capture a selection of photos of each individual.

I will then set up an online gallery for each person within 48 hours of the shoot so they can pick their favourite photo to be retouched and I’ll then send all the retouched images through to the relevant contact within another 48 hours of me receiving all the selections.

A: I’m afraid this is not a service I offer.

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