Bluebeam Extreme Conference

eventphotographerlosangeles--27eventphotographerlosangeles-0443eventphotographerlosangeles-2-2 eventphotographerlosangeles-8169eventphotographerlosangeles-2-3 eventphotographerlosangeles-2-4  eventphotographerlosangeles-0399  eventphotographerlosangeles-3799 eventphotographerlosangeles-3805 eventphotographerlosangeles-3824 eventphotographerlosangeles-3830 eventphotographerlosangeles-3835 eventphotographerlosangeles-3851 eventphotographerlosangeles-3926 eventphotographerlosangeles-6585 eventphotographerlosangeles-6761 eventphotographerlosangeles-6809 eventphotographerlosangeles-6838 eventphotographerlosangeles-7398  eventphotographerlosangeles-8313

Love shooting for the fine folks at Bluebeam Software. This year it was at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown LA. For bookings please visit http://www.kyleespeletaphotography

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